Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Current AMA records held by Team Markertek.com:

Scott Kolb______125cc_____A_AG_______ 125.750____ 2008
(Our 2006 record is bumped up from 119.384)

Scott Kolb ______125cc_____A_AF_______ 124.828____2008

Greg Meola _____125cc_____M_AG______ 115.383_____ 2008

Greg Meola______125cc ____M_AF______ 117.221 ____2008

Django Zaloom ___125cc ____MPS-AG _____126.305____ 2007

Django Zaloom ___125cc_____MPS-AF _____128.955 ____2008

Our intent for 2009 is to pursue the two 125cc records that evade us. 'Partial streamliner special construction' and 'streamliner.' We are modifying our current special construction bike for the 09' effort. It will be stretched 33" to help narrow the frontal area and sport new bodywork to clean up the aerodynamics. We have gone as fast as 131MPH in the current configuration, 3 MPH shy of the current record. The new setup should yield 145MPH. The Honda RS125 motor currently used was built up by Bill Himmelsbach. We have 42 HP, documented on a Dyno-jet dyno. Very reliable in this state of tune.

Design has begun on our Streamliner. Previous posts show the 1:6 scale model. It will make its debut in 2010 at Speed week to receive some shakedown tests to help us prepare for the 'BUBS Speed Trials' two weeks later. The current AMA record is 136, and the FIM record stands at 159 and was set at sea level. This is an important note as the elevation at Bonneville is approximately 4500 feet above sea level. This robs all competitors of power and is why we need a new motor set-up because we will need 50HP at sea level to get our streamliner up to our 175MPH goal.
More on my motor search later.

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