Saturday, May 16, 2009

Handsome devil..

This is our new motor. We have yet to take delivery as its being built now and we are saving our nickels to help accelerate our ship date. Rotary valve for the intake and a power valve on the exhaust should yield the power needed to push our streamliner beyond 165MPH in 2010. The BRC motor should also push our 'partial streamliner kneeler' to 145-150 depending on conditions of course, at this years Motorcycle Speed Trials By BUB.
This handsome devil, like the Aprilias, uses a rotax bottom end. We tried in vain to acquire an Aprilia RSA GP motor but it turns out they are unobtainable at the moment with only a hand full being used in the Grand Prix paddock. I have heard HP figures as high as 57. Very difficult to tune and if you get it wrong a replacement cylinder and top end will run you over $5000.00!
In the end the BRC motor and parts are much more appropriate for our budget and goals.
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New Motor by BRC

We are planning on stuffing our new motor into the stretched chassis. Our originol plan was to put the new motor into the full streamliner in 2010 but BRC will have it done by mid summer so we will push to get it fitted into the partial streamliner kneeler for this years trip to get some testing under our belts with the new lump.

The BRC motor is right hand countershaft and rear exhaust so some reworking of the motor mounts is called for. Our current honda motor shown in these pics has a forward facing exhaust. The rerouting of its expansion chamber lost us 1.5 HP on the dyno. The rear facing exhaust should eliminate this problem.

This photo comes from last years GP at Indy. I believe it is an Aprilia Titanium expansion chamber and represents the direction we are looking for.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

This shot is from above with the front wheel on your left. The wooden blocks are to help figure out the new rider position. We are concerned about the ease at which a rider can get away from the bike in an accident. We are attempting to bring the riders legs forward with more bending at the knee to avoid the previous stretched out position which leaves the rider a bit vulnerable. I will get a picture together with rider aboard on the next posting.
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The 2009 effort will involve a complete update of the current LSR kneeler. As you can see from the picture above we have chopped the chassis and are stretching it 42". This will also involve new bodywork and a switch to a water to water cooling system to eliminate the radiators as they account for a horrific amount of drag. With the radiators out of the picture our frontal area is reduced by 1.3 Sq. Ft. Having missed out on the 'Special construction partial streamlining' record three years in a row by only 2-3 mph I am fairly confident this reduction will put us over the top.

New Rear Brake

We have always needed a bit more brake so this year we will be running a larger rotor and a 4-pot caliper. New carriers for the rotor and caliper will be machined in aluminum. Our next event will be at the Loring event in Maine. With a mile to slow down on concrete the extra stopping power should come in handy. I have the new rotor and caliper hanging on the footpeg for comparison.
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