Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Motor by BRC

We are planning on stuffing our new motor into the stretched chassis. Our originol plan was to put the new motor into the full streamliner in 2010 but BRC will have it done by mid summer so we will push to get it fitted into the partial streamliner kneeler for this years trip to get some testing under our belts with the new lump.

The BRC motor is right hand countershaft and rear exhaust so some reworking of the motor mounts is called for. Our current honda motor shown in these pics has a forward facing exhaust. The rerouting of its expansion chamber lost us 1.5 HP on the dyno. The rear facing exhaust should eliminate this problem.

This photo comes from last years GP at Indy. I believe it is an Aprilia Titanium expansion chamber and represents the direction we are looking for.
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