Monday, February 2, 2009

Hurry up and wait, thats racing.

On the starting line waiting....waiting....

Once underway I realize after many attempts we will once again miss out on the 'partially streamlined special constuction' record by 3 MPH. THis record continues to evade me but I will get it in 2009.

Top secret plan being hatched as I type.

Django's ride seizes on course. So we set into replacing the top end. WE do not have a spare cylinder and set Dan and Django on the task that evening, in their hotel room, of etching off the aluminum deposits on the cylinder wall with Muriatic acid. While all of the aluminum comes off we find the Nickasil plating on the cylinder wall has started delaminating looking like bubbles of aluminum foil. We throw it back togethor for a run on the last day only to find no spark. 2 hours of hunting down electrical gremlins and we find a bad condensor. No problem, we pull the condensor of of the special construction bike and he is underway.

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