Sunday, December 8, 2013


Before we venture back in time again i thought a fresh shot of the current team / maniacs, and mention of our current sponsors would be a good idea. Every person in the photo and every graphic on the bodywork represent the vast number of ingredients necessary in making this bike possible.

The Maniacs: (I refer to them as maniacs as who else would take well earned time off and spend it with us at Bonneville baking in the sun for 5 days) From left to right, Tom Pheffer, Susan Hereth, Kerry McQuaide, Me, Peter Huntstein (graphics supplier) Ann Rose, Dwight Eyrick, Alicia Katsur, Chris Bernard, Eric Omland, Aiden Eyrick (the little maniac) Chris Nealon, Mike Thomas, Chris Cosentino, Scott Calabrese, and Andrew Anderson.
Special thanks go out to Tom Pfeffer, Scott Calabrese, Billy Gillis, Marty Lennox, and Chris Cosentino all of which labored heavily and brought in new sponsors for 2013.

Royal Blue: I met one of the owners at Americade 2013 when we stopped in to give a presentation on the merits of attending Bonneville. I think they liked amount of very blue surface area  on the bike making it a fine candidate for their 'wash and wax' all in one product. We used there genuine Brazilian Carnuba to take that handsome paint job to the next level and keep it there. Another sponsor from the great state of Ohio.

Markertek: A long time sponsor of our racing program. Your go-to guys in the broadcast audio and video world. Need a special cable made, to include fibre optic, they can knock it out and while your there you can pick up any support gear to include the finest gaffers tape in the world.

Swagelok / Albany Fittings: Valves, tubing and fitting for fluid and gas control product. All made in the USA in Ohio. The Local distributor of Swagelok product, Albany fittings, poked there head into my machine shop after dropping parts off at a clients facility next door and fell in love with the 125cc Partial Streamliner and then took great interest in the full streamliner project. Both fluid and gas will need to be distributed and managed on the new bike and Albany fittings has the engineering smarts to do just that.

YoYodyne: Suppliers of parts for race bikes but more importantly passionate about racing. They helped us out with our data aquisition needs and outfitted the bike with a Starlane system that has made the tuning of our bike on the salt, less of an educated guessing process to decisons based on reality.

Cosentino Engineering:  Chris Cosentino has year after year offered encouragement, support, and most importantly key engineering solutions to our go faster issues. Chris also makes the trek out to the salt and works flat out to make our goals possible in the often grueling conditions. He also gave a me a rear brake rotor in 2010 as seen in a previous post. There you go Chris, ARE YOU HAPPY?!! Chris recently engineered a two wheel drive KTM950 adventure bike utilizing some of the Christini two wheel drive parts: Well done sir!

Rev-It: Rev-It supplied us with a sweet set of leathers, undersuit, and gloves. Like always there sizing system and phone support yields the correct fit on the first try. Check them out in this fine photo taken by Scooter Grubs,, from our 2013 record run:

Thanks again to all of our sponsors for making 2013 a year to remember!!

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