Thursday, September 7, 2006

The team, left to right:
Mark Braunstein
Chris Bernard
Django Zaloom
Scott Kolb
Tom Romano
Greg Meola, not pictured.
Victor Vondracek, not pictured.

Warming up the bike before the start.

Tom lends a helping hand to get the bike underway. We try for four days and miss out on the 'special construction partially streamlined' record by 4 MPH. Our top speed is 129.5 and the record is 133.5.
The other record we hoped for is 'special construction unstreamlined.' So for our last run of the event we pull off the streamlining and run for the unstreamlined record.

The unstreamlined record is 115.5
and we run 119.368, yahoo! We were the last bike to run at the event. This picture shows the bikes configuration when we took the record.

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