Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hub center design and machining

With the Chassis well underway i design and machine the Hub center parts. It all needs to fit into a modified Marvic magnesium wheel. Parts include:
-Axle pinch blocks, these will be welded onto the front swing arm.
-Kingpin, at 10:00
-Inner hub at 2:00
-Low profile bearing at 4:00, we need two of these, they are $200.00 a piece. 2.625 i.d. with a .312 x .312 cross section
-The bearings at 7:00 are to support the kingpin within the inner hub.
-Not shown is the outer hub which will spin on the low profile bearings. It will be epoxied into the modified wheel.

Inner hub with kingpin assembled onto the axle.

The Marvic wheel having its center milled and then bored to accept the outer hub.

The nearly complete assembly. A circular plate on either side of the wheel sandwich the outer hub and do double duty as they will also preload the bearings. The holes in the plates allow 4mm bolts to secure the plates to the outer hub and to secure the plates to the wheel as I do not fully trust the epoxy. The 5 visible holes on the inner hub are for the attachment of a steering arm. There will be a steering arm on the left side as well.

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