Thursday, June 15, 2006


We will need fenders for the front and rear wheels. All of our composite parts will be layed up over a male form or 'buck.' Its hard to justify the construction of molds when you only need oneor two of each part.

This Buck starts with the front wheel and tire. A street tire is wrapped around the originol tire to create the air gap needed between the finished part and the tire. White foam core board is hot glued to the sides and blended to the tire with 1 gallon of body filler (aka Bondo).
"The smell of bondo in the morning reminds me of victory!"

Tom and Oliver lay-up a carbon and kevlar composite over the buck.
After pulling the part off of the buck it was trimmed and fit the bike just right. They will repeat the lay-up process one more time to create a fender for the rear tire.

Front view.

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